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Re-wilding Newsletter

Hello All,

It has been a few months and an update is due.


At the Annual Parish Meeting held on 11th April 2023, several members of the public expressed a wish to rewild the old playfield at Poplar View.  At the Parish Council meeting of 13th June 2023, I was tasked with the job of raising awareness of the proposal and gathering feedback from parishioners.  Letters were sent to the residents of Poplar View, an article was published in the community magazine and a posting on the Boughton Residents facebook group along with advertising through the Parish Council’s website, noticeboard and facebook page. 

The Parish Council has received feedback from just over 30% of the Poplar View residents, which was overwhelmingly positive with many ideas and a few caveats.  From the rest of the parish, five parishioners have expressed an interest. There is also an educational interest from the team at Canterbury College (Land Based Studies) .

I have reached out to our local Borough and County Councilor, Rich Lehmann, to find out if he was aware of any similar projects in the area. Rich has kindly been raising the issue at other parishes.  So far, no other local parishes have attempted something similar, we are the trail blazers.

The Future

There is clearly strong interest in the project with Poplar View residents so the question of how best to proceed needs to be addressed.  One suggestion that has been floated, is that the project follows the model of the ‘Boughton Park Supporters’ group who successfully raised awareness & funds to install the playground equipment at Bull Lane recreation ground.  An independent group would be free from some of the restrictions placed on Parish Councils such as where to hold meetings and how to raise funds.  The group would have representatives from interested parties such as councilors and residents but would be free to operate as a community initiative.  Obviously, any rewilding plan would need to be agreed jointly by the community and the Parish Council, but first we need a process of producing that plan.

Let me know your thoughts, ideas or if you have any experience in progressing this type of project.

Also, please spread the word, raise awareness and encourage more folks to join the mailing list for further information and to move this plan forward. Contact the Clerk on to register your interest.

Cllr Jason Muteham


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