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Parish Councillors

Councillors are all unpaid volunteers and from a variety of backgrounds. The current Council administration is allowed eleven councillors.

Cllr Terence Covell


Cllr David Clayson

Parish Councillor

Cllr Sarah Moakes

Parish Councillor

Cllr Paul Ray

Parish Councillor

Cllr Jason Muteham


Cllr Angela Rice

Parish Councillor

Cllr Sally Harper

Parish Councillor


Parish Councillor

Cllr Ida Linfield

Parish Councillor

Cllr Keith Harper

Parish Councillor


Parish Councillor


Parish Councillors may belong to one or more of the committee groups. Committees may include non-councillor members.



      Cllr I Linfield, Cllr P. Ray, Cllr S. Moakes


      Cllr T Covell, Cllr J. Muteham, Cllr I. Linfield, Cllr P. Ray, Cllr S. Harper, Cllr K. Harper, C. Ennis, P. Beavis


      Cllr T Covell, Cllr P. Ray, Cllr K. Harper​


      Cllr T Covell, Cllr J. Muteham, Cllr D. Clayson, Cllr P. Ray​


Other Councillors

Rich Lehmann

Swale Borough Councillor (Boughton & Courtenay Ward)

Rich Lehmann

Kent County Councillor

(Swale East)

Alastair Gould

Swale Borough Councillor (Boughton & Courtenay Ward)

Helen Whately (MP)

Member of Parliament

(Faversham & Mid-Kent)

Becoming a Parish Councillor

Becoming a Councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service. Councillors (or Members as they are often known) have to balance the needs and interests of their parishioners and in doing so will make legitimate demands on your available time. Parish Councillors are all volunteers.


All Councillors are expected to contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:-

  1. responding to the needs and views of their parishioners 

  2. working to achieve the goals that have been identified

  3. promoting the Parish Council within the community

  4. getting involved in decision-making by voting


An individual Councillor (including the Chairman) cannot make a decision on behalf of the Council. Therefore, co-operation between Councillors to achieve the best possible outcome for the community is the key to the success of the Council and the basis for a rewarding contribution. Importantly, this involves listening to the views of other Councillors and getting broad agreement on the best way forward. 

To qualify to be a Parish Councillor you must be:

  • A British or Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or a citizen of another Member State of the European Union

  • Over 18 on the day that he or she is nominated as a candidate

  • A registered local government elector

  • Resident in the parish, or within 3 miles of the parish, or working full time in the parish for at least 12 months prior to the nomination or election day. 

A person is disqualified from holding office as a Parish Councillor if:

  • They hold a paid office, or other place of profit in the Council

  • They have been declared bankrupt in the past five years and have not repaid their debts

  • They have been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to more than 3 years imprisonment within the last five years

  • They incur illegal expenditure (when acting as a Councillor) of over £2,000, or are found guilty of using corrupt or illegal practices

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