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Conservation Areas

There are three conservation areas within the Parish.  Click below for maps of each area.

Living in a conservation area means that there are some extra planning controls and considerations, which exist to protect the historic and architectural elements which make the place special. They are most likely to affect owners who want to work on the outside of their building or any trees on their property. If you intend to undertake any work on the outside of your building or property, you are advised to read Swale Borough Council's documentation on conservation areas More information can also be found at Historic England

Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted on a variety of planning applications within the Parish by Swale Borough Council. These applications are discussed and considered in terms of whether they are in keeping with any conservation area, with the property itself (especially if a listed building) and whether proposals will impact on neighbouring residents. The Parish Council can only comment on planning applications. Swale Borough Council decides on which applications are permitted or refused.

All planning applications submitted to Swale Borough Council can be viewed online at

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