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NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - development in your area

Introduction to the Boughton and Dunkirk Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the Boughton and Dunkirk Neighbourhood Plan Group, a Working Group set up in 2013, by the two Parish Councils (as qualifying bodies).

A team of Jeff Tutt, chair of Dunkirk Parish Council, Terry Fitchett from Boughton PC and residents from both communities, including Frances Holliday, Julian Owen, Peter Williams, the late John Peto, and from time to time many other parish councillors and residents. A planning consultant has advised the group, and many others have participated in the responses to surveys and questionnaires.

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood planning legislation came into effect in April 2012. From 2013, when we started, it has been a collaborative effort by members of both parish councils and many other volunteers from within our community. It has been a herculean task with almost no input from Swale Borough Council.

This plan has been prepared from the questionnaires and surveys people in both parishes filled in, from responses at various exhibitions, and other in-depth reports.

The draft plan is here for you to view, whereas the background documents and a consultation response form can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website:

Please take time to view and comment. It has been based on the evidence you all provided and we hope you will all be able to support it and, in due course, vote for it in a referendum.

This Plan will then be ‘made’ and will be a legal planning document that Swale must take into account on any planning decisions they make. It is intended to retain and conserve the very best of our parishes.

It has been drawn to be compliant with National Planning Policies and Swale’s Local Plan – Bearing Fruits, whilst being mindful of the Local Plan Review.

We hope we’ve interpreted most of your thoughts, ideas and aspirations, whilst providing a sustainable future for both parishes to 2038.


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